Soular Powered is a Stationary Company based in Harlem, NYC founded by Rashidah Sales. We create greeting cards, calendars and art prints.



“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” - Edgar Allan Poe

Last week I scrolled through my Facebook timeline. There was a picture of a smooth-skinned brown woman with huge tufts of cotton ball hair. How blessed we are to have skin the color of earth, and hair the texture of the clouds, read the caption. I touched my own nappy halo and smiled, let my fingers tangle in the soft mass of wiry strength that I’ve worn for as long as I remember.
A bit further down in my feed was another headline: Chicago Officer Shoots Unarmed Black Man in Woodlawn. I felt the familiar crease in my brow and kept scrolling. I don’t read articles like that anymore. I choose to affirm black life by denying the constant media loop that we are a battered, broken, hunted people. I refuse to feed my mind – or anyone else’s for that matter -- images that I don’t want to see manifest in front of my eyes. Humans are powerful creators of experience, whether we know it or not. I am revolutionary who uses the shield of ignorance to fiercely protect my bliss.
Inevitably a discussion of art circles back to its purpose. All art is fantasy, call and response, an invitation from the artist to the spectator to join a private dream. In my case, the dream is simple: A world in which black men and women are cherished, adored, uplifted and celebrated. A world where little black girls adorn their own kinky reflections, rather than yearning for the pinnacle of straight hair and light skin. A world where little brown boys ripen into maturity, encouraged to stretch the fullness of their spines and stand proud, brilliant full trees that no badge of authority feels culturally compelled to chop down. A world where black families are not fragmented but united, no longer an anomaly but a return to an ancient normal, their existence a pouring out of joy and community as libation to our ancestors.
Sometimes the only safe spaces are the ones in our minds, and even those can be hard to come by. My art is a utopian offering in a dystopian world. Here is my outstretched hand, oblivious of the distance between where we are and where we hope to be. Close your eyes to the darkness and imagine with me, the light. Isn’t it lovely?